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The Rumpus: Epicurious.com Reader Comments


Bruce Krieger is clearly a very confused person. 1 teaspoon cream tartar in his “S’mores Cheesecake” topping? I feel sorry for his children.

by DSR from New York | flag if inappropriate

That the writer of this recipe is deeply insecure and in need of psychological intervention is not in question. What concerns me is that she feels entitled to call these “fritters” when they should be called croquettes, or at the very least, patties. And since when does cornmeal need to be stone-ground? Why so hostile, Ms. DeQuattro? Something you should think about is that not everyone can get fresh okra. I wish you would respect the lives of others and not be so careless in the future.

by Susan B from Brooklyn | flag if inappropriate

I was raised as a Presbyterian but converted to Eastern Orthodoxy in my senior year of college. My husband is an Anglican, and we are raising our children to respect all faiths, regardless of whether or not they care for gay people. I used to have a T-shirt with a picture of a roller coaster on it that said, “Life Takes Many Twists and Turns – Enjoy The Ride.” Personally, I would not have included the lemongrass or the smoked paprika in this, but I wasn’t as bothered as others by this recipe.

by Flora from Earth | flag if inappropriate

Believe what you want to believe, but calabaza squash and coconut milk mixed together get the blood flowing and produce an aphrodisiac effect. It’s science y’all.

by Mark from California | flag if inappropriate

Am I the only one disturbed by the use of Aleppo pepper in this recipe? What with everything that’s going on, couldn’t you have chosen a pepper that doesn’t directly lead to the slaughter of innocents? Personally, whenever I make Yoghurt-Marinated Chicken Kabobs, I think about my choices, about what those choices say about me, and about our place as human beings on this planet. I guess Eric Mandell doesn’t feel like he has to do that.

by MFA from Eastern United States | flag if inappropriate Read more

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