NYT Motherlode: Free Range vs. Helicopter Parenting: Get the Facts

motherlode1. What are Free Range and Helicopter Parenting?

Free Range and Helicopter Parenting are two different and opposing parenting styles that illustrate what happens to a flourishing post-industrial society with excess leisure time. This also explains why “The Bachelor” is in its 19th season.

2. Which parenting style is dominant in America?

The wrong one. Everyone knows that Europeans raise their children better than American parents do. So do Asian parents, African parents and Australian parents. All parents everywhere, so long as they are not you.

3. How can …

Wait. I forgot. Antarctic parents are also superior to American parents. So are Great Hornbill parents.

3. How can you be a parent who is involved but not smothering?

Just remember to have your child operate heavy machinery after you tie his or her shoelaces for them and decorate their dorm room.

4. Why do people judge Helicopter Moms?

Judging women for their choices is a national pastime.

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