McSweeney’s: Hillary and Barbie: A Chronological Faceoff


* Barbie gets a bubblecut hair style and her best friend Midge snags a boyfriend, Alan.

* Hillary has a coiffed flip and volunteers for Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.


* Twist n’ Turn Barbie has a new mod look in a two-piece orange plastic swimsuit.

* Hillary grows her hair long and campaigns for Democratic presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy.


* Hillary goes to law school sporting hippie oversized glasses and snags a boyfriend named Bill.

* Malibu Barbie goes to the beach and has a golden tan and sunglasses.


* Barbie has quick curls and her boyfriend Ken grows a mustache and sideburns. She also goes camping!

* Hillary gets a marriage proposal. She’s not sure, but takes the Arkansas bar exam just in case!


* Barbie wins an Olympic Gold Medal!

* Hillary is a member of the impeachment inquiry staff, whose work leads to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

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