Barnes and Noble Review: 36 Hours in My House

Overlooked, away from the hipster spotlight and in need of a few repairs, my house is a location that’s provided a stable source of invariability for an entire generation. A visit today offers undaunted travelers the opportunity to witness a preserved culture whose rhythm has outlived its purpose. The rambling 2200 square feet area – […]

McSweeney’s: Our Meditation Technique Will Help You Get Promoted and Marry Someone Awesome

Our meditation course is based on the principle of non-judgment. We are the only course to correctly impart this principle. All other meditation courses that claim to teach non-judgment are imitations—inferior hucksterfests for people who don’t know any better. You are more discerning than that. Our meditation course uses breathing techniques that have their origins […]

Stir Journal: Mad Men Vs. Women: Past, Present, And Future

1963 The Feminine Mystique: Betty Friedan exposes the plot to keep women in the kitchen and out of the workplace. A mass advertising campaign paired with a psycho-social post-war domestic offensive convinces women that true fulfillment in the home can be found only by purchasing enormous appliances, pink vintage spoolie hair curlers, and cleaning products […]

The Forward: If Men Cleaned For Passover

A friend of mine recently suggested that if men nursed babies, there would be no more endless debate among parents about breast versus bottle. Everyone would do what was best for them and their families without guilt, criticism and second guessing. This made me think about other possibilities. What if men were in charge of […]