The Princess Toddler Podcast

My new podcast is up. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved the color pink, and a mother who learned how to Let it Go. I’m examining this stage of my little girl’s life with laughter, insight and a glittery tiara. The Princess Toddler Podcast takes a look at the world […]

Quiz: Are You a Princess-Obsessed Toddler?

Are you currently 3 years old and dressed in a sequined pink tulle tutu and yet, still finding yourself confused about who you really are? Take this quiz and everything will become as clear as an Arendelle ice crystal: 1. On most mornings, you can be found: a. Snug in your parents’ bed with your […]

HuffPost: Mom Returns to Work

Lisa Waver 381 Shaky Lane Inland, NY 911-911-9111 CONSULTANT Nine-year record of middling functionality under extreme sleep deprivation Known to staff as a dedicated and seasoned emotional dumping ground Ornery multitasker EXPERIENCE Senior Consultant, 2006 to 2014, ABCDEFG COMPANY Designed and created interactive infographic to measure performance of daily tasks and instituted intricate reward system […]

HuffPost: Princess Toddler Gifts

When you have a Princess-obsessed toddler, Christmas/Hanukkah is a hazardous time. No matter what you tell well-meaning relatives about the kinds of gifts your daughter would like, they know the truth. And how could they not? Your Princess Toddler advertises it daily with her tiara and blinding magenta tights. Unlike you, many of these relatives […]

Motherlode: The Unmonitored Baby Is Not Worth Having

In case the current crop of wired onesies isn’t enough: Sleep-O: Sleep-O is a bodysuit for baby that transmits reams of data straight to your iPhone. You will immediately know if baby has turned over, drooled or has abruptly started to speak like Henry Kissinger. Sleep-O requires a Bluetooth wireless base station to be plugged […]