Motherlode: Who Died and Made Me Not Boss?

Matt and I found out that income we were depending on — related to his books — fell through. We sat for hours going over the figures. A day earlier, we had asked a real estate agent in Rockland County, N.Y., to visit a property. “Can you hear the noise from the Palisades Parkway?” we […]

Motherlode: You’ll Make New Friends, Maybe

“How do you feel about leaving your friends?” I asked Cai one evening. “A little nervous.” His sky-blue eyes darted with worry, belying his “little” qualifier. “You’re a great kid, so you’ll make great friends,” I told 6-year-old Cai. Then he talked about what dummies the Thompson Twins are — referring to the characters from […]

Motherlode: Why Are We Moving Again?

The first installment of my weekly column in the New York Times Motherlode, ‘Diary of an International Move’: I added up the expenses for our move: the trans-Atlantic move itself, health insurance, house rental and car. I considered the amount, went to the kitchen and opened a bag of chips. My husband, Matt, came in. […]