McSweeney’s: Our Election Model

    Our election model suggests that Hillary Clinton is favored to win the presidency. Her chance of losing is about the same as an NFL kicker missing a 34-yard field goal. Hang onto your ballots everyone — we’re almost there. But don’t uncork the Champagne just yet. Clinton’s chance of winning in a landslide […]

Medium: The Only Person Who Can Understand Donald is Hillary

Republican candidate Donald Trump has reportedly told advisors that no one in the world can understand what he’s going through right now, with the exception of Hillary Clinton. “My accomplishments don’t matter anymore,” Trump is said to have lamented to his staff. “The tremendous enthusiasm I’ve generated counts for nothing. My beating the odds to […]

Forward: The Day Miss Universe Saved Feminism

After the DNC convention in late July, Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee delivered one of her greatest rants to date. She reminded viewers of Hillary Clinton’s many credentials and endorsements, including the ones from Presidents, Republicans and “half the fucking Pentagon”. She concluded with an eerily spot-on premonition: “That is how good you have to be […]