McSweeney’s: The Terrifying Truth About Journalists

Mark Kaplan graduated university with a solid A- average. He broke his parents’ hearts when he declined to go to law school and instead began an internship at his local newspaper which turned into a full-time position covering the education beat. After seventeen years, the chain that owned Mark’s paper sold it to a corporation […]

The Haven: What the Hell is This?

    1. What the hell is this? a. A line of actors en route to audition for National Lampoon’s Goodfellas 2 b. A group of people threatening a family with small children on holiday because they think the family is Muslim c. Current and former members of the Trump administration 2. What has Omarosa […]

McSweeney’s: White People Discrimination: A Quiz

1. What is White People Discrimination? A. It’s when your lackluster grades are not enough to get you into an Ivy League college unless your father is an alumni B. It’s when your poor high school performance does not impress the admissions of an elite university unless your grandfather remembered them in his will C. […]