Forward: The Day Miss Universe Saved Feminism

After the DNC convention in late July, Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee delivered one of her greatest rants to date. She reminded viewers of Hillary Clinton’s many credentials and endorsements, including the ones from Presidents, Republicans and “half the fucking Pentagon”. She concluded with an eerily spot-on premonition: “That is how good you have to be […]

How to Raise an Empowered Girl

This is my guide to “How to Raise an Empowered Girl”. Yay! Wait. Don’t get carried away. As I write in my book, it’s impossible to write a full proof guide. Girls develop the way do because of – but also despite – our best efforts. Parents play a role in how children turn out, […]

Huffington Post: The Key to a Successful Summer with Kids? Let Them Be Bored. And Learn Extreme Street Fighting

Are you cramming your kids’ summer holidays with art camp and swimming lessons and a lifetime membership at the local bouncy castle? You might believe that you’re killing two birds with one stone — alleviating your child’s boredom AND preserving the threadbare string that barely connects you to your sanity. But sadly you’re wrong. Because […]

The Forward: Why Warren and Clinton Inspired Love Tweets

There was something electric about seeing Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren on stage together for their first joint campaign appearance in Cincinnati on Monday June 27. As soon as the women stood together, hugging each other with genuine warmth, praising each other through the roof and raising up their arms POTUS/VPOTUS style, Clinton seemed less […]