Princess Toddler Podcast

The Princess Toddler Podcast

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved the color pink, and a mother who learned how to Let it Go. Devorah Blachor, author of The Princess Toddler Guide, takes a look at the world of princess toddlers. With humor, real-life stories, interviews and features, Devorah examines this stage with laughter, insight and a glittery tiara.

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Episode 2: Why so hostile?

When the word Feminism comes up, why do some people get so hostile? Devorah talks about her feminist-themed essay in the New York Times and how it aroused a curious reaction. She discusses the Princess movies of her childhood – the “Sleepy Trio” of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White – and how they effect girls like her own princess-obsessed toddler. Do these movies risk turning a toddler into a passive, marriage-obsessed cream puff?

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Episode 1: Is my little girl a Princess Toddler?

What makes a Princess-obsessed Toddler? Devorah and her husband Matt try to figure out the origin of their toddler Mari’s obsession with the color pink and princesses. They discuss raising a little girl who’s already clothing obsessed and question whether or not it really matters in the long run. Will a princess-obsessed toddler become an insecure adolescent? Does a Feminist need to care about the fuscia tights and magenta tutus? Should parents of Princess Toddlers be combatting this tendency, or is this something to file under ‘Let it Go’?

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