Quiz: Are You a Princess-Obsessed Toddler?

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Are you currently 3 years old and dressed in a sequined pink tulle tutu and yet, still finding yourself confused about who you really are? Take this quiz and everything will become as clear as an Arendelle ice crystal:

1. On most mornings, you can be found:

a. Snug in your parents’ bed with your fingers in your mother’s nose and your heel digging into your father’s neck.
b. Removing your pull-up so that you can pee on the floor.
c. Waking up your family with a demand to bake cupcakes without delay.
d. Taking off the tights that took your mother five minutes to get you into, because they’re not the correct shade of magenta.

2. During snack time, you:

a. Chew one of your apple slices, spit it out onto the floor and then crumble your cracker into your mother’s special drink.
b. Refuse to even look at an edible item unless it’s in the drinkable yogurt food group.
c. Hit your older brother on the head with your sippy cup.
d. Sing “Let It Go.”

3. At bedtime, you like to:

a. Demand to read the very book that has mysteriously disappeared without a trace.
b. Jump up and down on your older brother’s bed and insist on sleeping with his security stuffed tiger.
c. Drink large quantities of water, take off your pull-up and then pee on your sheets.
d. Ask to brush your teeth and then cry because you threw your Aurora toothbrush in the toilet and now have to use a generic one until a new princess toothbrush can be procured.

4. When strangers meet you, they say to your mother:

a. What a little angel you have!
b. Don’t worry — it’s just a phase.
c. You look tired.
d. I’ve never seen that shade of pink on something that wasn’t Jennifer Lopez.

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