The Forward Sisterhood: Please Join Our Currently All-Male Panel


This piece was inspired by the Congrats, you have an all-male panel tumblr account.

Dear Ms. Sheila Edelman,

We are pleased to invite you to join our panel “Digital Advertising: Interpreting the Data and Rethinking the Agenda” which will take place on June 18th at the Hilton Hotel 5th floor Conference Suite. As the Marketing Coordinator for Snarkle Beverages© who specializes in ecommerce and CEO optimization, we’re confident that you can bring knowledge, depth and new and exciting dimensions to our esteemed panel. Please join us for a special day of sharing ideas and state-of-the-art innovations.

You might notice that we have sent this invitation a week before the panel is scheduled to meet. We apologize for the belated notice and we sincerely hope that our failure to invite you earlier will not dissuade you from adding your name and headshot to our well-regarded panel.

In case there is any doubt, we would greatly appreciate if you would agree to partake in our event. This year, our panel participants include:

Gavin Beck, Senior vice-president of Machman Media©

Jeffrey Werner, Brand Manager of Paterish Games©

Arnie Plimpton, Creative Strategist at Potent Agency©

Bill Sherman, Promotions Supervisor at Ttron Ltd©

We’re obviously honored to have such a respected group of professionals joining our panel. Indeed, we were pretty excited about the whole thing until we printed the flyers advertising the event which include headshots of our venerated panel members. It was only then that we realized something was amiss. You can imagine our consternation as it slowly dawned on all of us what we’d done, and more particularly, what we’d failed to do. So while those mentioned above certainly constitute a worthy list which represents a wide range of advertising professions and who will no doubt engender a lively and fascinating discussion about digital advertising, we concluded that our panel would simply not be complete without your participation.

In short, please, please, please join our currently all-male panel. Read More

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