Akashic Books: What Would They Do?

AkashicLogoNew03There are three types of parents of princess-obsessed toddlers: the Mortified Feminist, the Enabler, and the Dad (the latter two being frequently interchangeable). In this segment, we will explore how they might react in different situations.

Princess Toddler has just watched a video of a Disney collector playing with the Princess Ariel Water Palace Bath Playset with the Petal Float Ariel doll featuring Elsa and Anna on homemade floats. She wants to watch another one, but it’s bedtime.
What Would They Do?

Mortified Feminist: While putting toddler to sleep, praises the homemade flotation device that enables Elsa and Anna to float even though they aren’t semi-aquatic like Ariel. Notes that objects float when they are less dense than the fluid in which they are sitting.

Enabler: While putting toddler to sleep, agrees to have another princess bath party the following day after purchasing Petal Float Belle and Rapunzel dolls.
Dad: Lets toddler stay up and watch “MagiClip Fairytale Wedding” after agreeing to buy floating Belle and Rapunzel dolls and a Sofia the First 2-in-1 Sea Palace Playset.

Jesus: Expresses sadness about all the merchandising aimed at young children.

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