Huffington Post: 19 Reasons Why Your Mother Might Have Said, ‘Just A Second, Honey’

huffpost logo1. While you were asking her to find your Lego Ninjago sword, she was draining the pasta and scalding her arm with boiling water.

2. When you were ready to start your sock puppet show, she was on the phone with the cell phone company and had been put on hold.

3. As you shouted, “Mom — someone’s at the door!”, she was trying to rock your baby sister to sleep.

4. When you asked if you could go into the baby’s room to get your harmonica, she was trying to find money to pay the Girl Scout for the Toffee-tastic™ cookies.

5. During your fight with your older sister over who gets to use the Play-Doh pizza slicer, she was untangling the wet sheet from the washing machine that was balled up into a wad as tight as a vacuum-packed toy.

6. When you asked if you could have a Toffee-tastic™ Girl Scout cookie, she was using a diaper wipe to clean the mud the dog dragged in.

7. As you asked for help with your zipper, she was carrying a mound of coats, scarves, gloves and earmuffs that temporarily blocked her vision.

8. At the exact moment when you said, “Where do babies come from, Mommy?” she was trying to get the pacifier out of the toilet bowl.

9. While you asked for a drink of juice, she was still on hold with the cell phone company.

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