Country on the Edge of WTF

Stardate: 4032.2


(The Enterprise has collided with an unknown entity. The deck is shaking, making everyone wobble)

KIRK: Mister Sulu, report.

SULU: The turbulence is being caused by a ripple in time, Captain.

(Sulu’s console explodes and he’s knocked out. McCoy enters with a syringe and bends down to treat the injured Lieutenant)

MCCOY: Better treat this with a few drops of cordrazine, even though it’s wildly unpredictable.

(Suddenly, the ship jolts, causing McCoy to accidentally inject himself with the entire contents of the syringe)

KIRK: Red Alert! Everyone knows that two drops of cordrazine will save a man’s life, but a hundred times that amount will make him insane! Emergency medical team!

MCCOY: (screaming and flailing) Murderers! Foreigners! Women! I’ll kill you first! You won’t get me!

(McCoy races to the turbolift and then to the transporter room, where he beams himself away in a crazed frenzy)

KIRK: Captain’s log, supplemental entry. Dr. McCoy has beamed himself through a time ripple onto an unknown planet during an unknown time. He is a danger to himself and to others. The cordrazine makes him fearful, paranoid, gullible and filled with baseless hatred. A catastrophic combination. We need to find him before he changes history forever.

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