New Kinds of Shaming in the Era of a White Supremacist President

Gravitas Shaming

Gravitas Shamers say that only morally irresponsible people would critique President Trump for equating Nazis and White Supremacists with those who oppose Nazis and White Supremacists. “There are so many more dangerous things in the world,” they admonish, “like ISIS and Antifa terrorists and Hillary Clinton.” Gravitas Shamers urge you to ignore the offensive and decreasingly lucid man behind the curtain, and instead shift your attention onto absolutely anything else that might take the focus off how they voted in November.

Hillary Omission Shaming

Hillary Omission Shamers contend that no claim against the current President will ever match the imagined catastrophe of a Hillary Clinton administration. Popular usages include: “But her emails” and “Am I happy that he doesn’t seem to know the difference between our nation’s founders and the generals who fought a war to keep Black people enslaved? Of course not! But he’s still a million times better than Hillary Clinton, so shame on you!”

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