Trump Admin Author Bios for the Year 2020

Mike Pence is a Christian, a Conservative and an Author in that order. His guidance on how to achieve a healthy Christian marriage has helped thousands of couples struggling to cope with the challenges of a godless world. Mike pioneered the renown SAFE DINNERS® strategy which transformed the way Christian couples build their sense of trust in a society which worships gay pornography, working women and carnal temptation. He was voted one of the Top 10 Most Influential Marital Self-Help Authors of the past quarter-century by He lives in Indiana with his wife, Mother.

Jared Kushner always dreamed of writing mystical fables set in a New Jersey suburb. Inspired in equal parts by Isaac Bashevis Singer and Shmuly Boteach, Jared captivates readers with his colorful tales of ‘Mendel the Schmendel’ who always finds himself embroiled in a hilarious misunderstanding. The halachic hijinks and family foibles of the Schmendels have been called “the embodiment of oy ” by The Forvertz. He lives with his wife and three children in exile.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was a United States Senator. His photo-essay collection, Lost Monuments: A Portrait of the South has been called “visually stunning” by Gateway Pundit. He lives in 1962.

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