McSweeneys: The Male Sensitivity Reader

The Male Sensitivity Reader© helps women compose social media posts in a way that won’t offend, threaten, trigger, or cause discomfort to male readers. Offering critique, explanation, and editing services, The Male Sensitivity Reader© is available to assist you in all your Male Sensitivity needs.

Examples of The Male Sensitivity Reader© at work:

Offending Post:
“Men: Please stop trying to help women reverse into parking spaces. It’s patronizing.”

This is offensive because I myself members of our staff have helped women reverse and would certainly help a man if the occasion ever arose. We mustn’t presume anything negative about men who do this or their motivations.

Post Male Sensitivity Reader© Edit:
“Men: Thank you for helping both women and men reverse into parking spaces. As for those who only help women, I realize that you’re acting from a sense of chivalry. Thank you as well.

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