US News and World Report: Let Fathers Be With Their Babies

What’s the happiest place in the world? Some people would say it’s Disney World. But according to the United Nations’ World Happiness Report, the happiest country is Norway. While it’s impossible to say exactly why this Scandinavian nation is so blissful, citizens of less satisfied countries like the United States – which ranked 14th in the report – should consider Norway’s parental leave laws.

After every birth, both parents are entitled to a two-week leave, and then they divide a subsequent 46-week parental leave at 100 percent of their salary, or 56 weeks at 80 percent. Why is this significant?

Maternal leave has enormous benefits. There are countless advantages to women and babies spending their first months together – from reducing infant mortality to the well-being of mothers to a positive impact on the child’s cognitive development.

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