Kveller: Teaching My Son Hebrew

We lived in Jerusalem until my son Cai was eight-years-old but he never learned Hebrew. I have my excuses. We knew we’d probably leave Israel and wanted him to focus on English. My husband never truly felt a part of Israeli society, so I didn’t want to create distance between father and son. The American […]

Mom Cave TV

    Thank you Jennifer Weedon Palazzo for having me on Mom Cave TV to talk about my book The Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Little Princess. It was so much fun talking to you and hearing from your viewers! You can watch the video here:

McSweeneys: The Male Sensitivity Reader

The Male Sensitivity Reader© helps women compose social media posts in a way that won’t offend, threaten, trigger, or cause discomfort to male readers. Offering critique, explanation, and editing services, The Male Sensitivity Reader© is available to assist you in all your Male Sensitivity needs. Examples of The Male Sensitivity Reader© at work: Offending Post: […]

US News and World Report: Let Fathers Be With Their Babies

What’s the happiest place in the world? Some people would say it’s Disney World. But according to the United Nations’ World Happiness Report, the happiest country is Norway. While it’s impossible to say exactly why this Scandinavian nation is so blissful, citizens of less satisfied countries like the United States – which ranked 14th in […]