The Hairpin: Expansion of French Women Don’t Series


In light of the success of French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure and its follow-up French Women Don’t Get Facelifts: The Secret of Aging with Style and Attitude, the series will be expanded in 2015 with the following titles:

Older Danish Women Don’t Mind Looking Leathery: The Secret to Having 5 weeks paid Vacation Days and Virtually No Melanin

With a charming blend of Nordic wit and insight, Lærke Pederson observes that Americans live in the only highly developed country that doesn’t require employers to provide paid vacation time. This, Pederson explains, is why American women are so pale and sad.

Italian Women Don’t Tiger Mom Their Boys: The Secret of Mixing a Stagnant Economy with a Fiercely Family-Oriented Culture

Concetta Olivieri describes the joys of having her 43-year-old son live at home with her. She berates American women for banishing their male offspring when they are so young and incapable of doing their own laundry, just so that they can go off and wear tennis shoes while eating rubbery, orange cheese squares.

British Women Don’t Want an Honest Answer to the Question, ‘How Are You?’: The Secret of Living in a Culture which Commends Repression

Anna Perks, the author of ‘Collywobbles in Bedfordshire’, reveals why emotions are unfortunate and best left unacknowledged. She hopes that by sharing the virtues of British restraint with American women, they will become more self-conscious and aware of the ridiculous nature of their presence. Read More

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