McSweeney’s: The Trump Aristocrats

A talent agent is sitting in his office. A man walks in. “Have I got an act for you,” says the man. “Oh yeah?” says the talent agent. “Tell me about it.” “It’s a family act,” says the man. “You have the father. He’s a real dope. Looks like a red-faced combover Borscht Belt comedian […]

Kveller: Teaching My Son Hebrew

We lived in Jerusalem until my son Cai was eight-years-old but he never learned Hebrew. I have my excuses. We knew we’d probably leave Israel and wanted him to focus on English. My husband never truly felt a part of Israeli society, so I didn’t want to create distance between father and son. The American […]

Mom Cave TV

    Thank you Jennifer Weedon Palazzo for having me on Mom Cave TV to talk about my book The Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Little Princess. It was so much fun talking to you and hearing from your viewers! You can watch the video here:

McSweeneys: The Male Sensitivity Reader

The Male Sensitivity Reader© helps women compose social media posts in a way that won’t offend, threaten, trigger, or cause discomfort to male readers. Offering critique, explanation, and editing services, The Male Sensitivity Reader© is available to assist you in all your Male Sensitivity needs. Examples of The Male Sensitivity Reader© at work: Offending Post: […]