The Establishment: Amazing Opportunities for Freelance Writers!

EST_logoHey freelancers! Here’s this week’s list of writing markets. Plenty of stuff here, so happy pitching!

MULIEBRAL – Spill your guts, bare your soul, and tell the world your most humiliating secrets on our whimsical and light-hearted website. Contributors are contracted to provide photos, podcasts, and at least three infographics to accompany their work, and are also expected to interact with abusive commenters and trolls. We will be the sole owner of your soul work. Pay is sufficiently insulting to excite your martyr complex.

ALBUQUERQUE GARDENER – We’re interested in articles containing practical, how-to information on gardening in Albuquerque. Please don’t send your cockamamie Roswell pitches to us—our inboxes are overflowing and it’s just really annoying, folks. Payment is $10 flat fee for 2000-word features, provided the article meets a minimum number of web views with click through to banner ads.

SURVIVAL AMERICAN – Other survival magazines give the impression that you need fancy freeze-dried foods, a massive gun collection, and a 50-acre secluded retreat on a remote mountaintop that can only be accessed by your tricked-out H2 Hummer. As attractive as that sounds, the average Joe needs more down-to-earth tips. That’s where you come in. Preserving your own food, choosing affordable gear, how to best cope with nuclear war and societal collapse—that’s all good stuff. Best chance to break in for first-time contributors is probably the FOB Turkey Hunting section. Payment is 8 cents a word, less for shorter pieces.

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