The Forward: Why Warren and Clinton Inspired Love Tweets


There was something electric about seeing Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren on stage together for their first joint campaign appearance in Cincinnati on Monday June 27. As soon as the women stood together, hugging each other with genuine warmth, praising each other through the roof and raising up their arms POTUS/VPOTUS style, Clinton seemed less like a beleaguered candidate to whom every accusation sticks and more like the confident frontrunner many of us have been dreaming about.

“I have not heard the roar of the crowd, the raucous applause since we’ve been on the campaign trail in recent weeks,” said Jennifer Griffin of Fox News about the moment Warren took the stage with Clinton.

The photos of the two women, along with the mutual words of admiration and their scathing attacks against Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump (Warren called him a “small, insecure money grubber” and Clinton said she loved to see how Warren “gets under Donald Trump’s thin skin”) caused many to speculate that Warren would be Clinton’s pick for vice president. I have no insider information and couldn’t predict if a Clinton/Warren ticket would bring back Clinton’s double digit lead in the polls against Donald Trump, but I can guess why the sight of the two women together lit a fire of that caused people to write over-the-top love tweets like this:

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