Forward: The Day Miss Universe Saved Feminism

The-Jewish-Daily-Forward-logo-alt-blAfter the DNC convention in late July, Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee delivered one of her greatest rants to date. She reminded viewers of Hillary Clinton’s many credentials and endorsements, including the ones from Presidents, Republicans and “half the fucking Pentagon”. She concluded with an eerily spot-on premonition:

“That is how good you have to be if you’re a woman running for president. And she still might lose to this: The least qualified candidate ever to lurch into the public spotlight and shit on gold star moms while cradling Putin’s sweaty sack. Let’s hope Hillary doesn’t get lipstick on her teeth between now and November or it’s all over.”

Clinton did enjoy a post-convention bounce, but then “lipstick” indeed arrived in the form of… what was it again? The Clinton Foundation “scandal”? A secret bout of pneumonia? A few days off the campaign trail?

Never mind that during the same period, Donald Trump orchestrated the biggest swiz of the campaign, manipulating the media and undecided voters into watching him make a “big announcement” which turned out to be an advertisement for his new hotel and a huge lie – even by his standards – about his central role in the racist birther movement. Clinton’s poll numbers dipped nonetheless.

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