The Forward Sisterhood: Working Mothers Have More Successful Daughters, According to Depressing Study

The-Jewish-Daily-Forward-logo-alt-blWorking mothers have more successful daughters and more caring sons according to a recent study conducted by Harvard Business School. The study suggested that the daughters of working mothers are more likely to work, to be in a supervisory position and to earn more money than daughters of women who don’t work outside the home.

“After reading the study, I feel even more useless than usual,” said stay-at-home-mom Melissa Gretz who came across the study in her Facebook feed while her two-year-old twins were napping in the next room. “Because it means that not only am I failing to have a meaningful career, but my daughters to whom I have dedicated so much time and attention are also doomed to be unproductive and unfulfilled.”

But it’s not only the daughters of stay-at-home mothers who underperform when compared to the daughters of mothers who work. Sons of gainfully employed mothers spend more time caring for family members than sons of stay-at-home mothers do, according to the same study.

“That was particularly hurtful to read,” said SAHM Laura Shafer. “Because I did go back to work after taking unpaid maternity leave. But then I had a second baby and realized there was no way I could return to my 60-hour work week. And now as a result, my son will be a deadbeat twit.”

The Harvard study follows another recent survey which was widely reported and shared on social media which indicates that working mothers are also more likely to have satisfying romantic relationships with partners that respect them for contributing to society. Husbands of mothers who don’t work, in contrast, spend a significant portion of their day either resenting their unemployed wives or wondering what they do all day. Continue Reading

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