New Kinds of Shaming in the Era of Trump

Gravitas Shaming This brand of recrimination is predicated on the idea that focusing on minutiae — such as a hilarious midnight covfefe typo or a vulgar tweet about Mika Brzezinski — is morally irresponsible since there are “so many more important things” happening in the world. Gravitas Shamers urge you to ignore the ornery and decreasingly lucid man behind […]

What is Covfefe?

Covfefe is the gradual transmogrification of Donald Trump into Richard Nixon, a process fuelled by a diet of paranoia and KFC and self-delusion Covfefe is that feeling when you realize that the horror you experienced on November 9th and subsequently overcame was actually the exact right reaction and is still very much called for Covfefe […]

McSweeney’s: Gender Bias Riddles

              A father and son get in a car crash and are rushed to the hospital. The father dies. The boy is taken to the operating room and the surgeon says, “I can’t operate on this boy, because he’s my son.” How is this possible? 49 front cover web […]

Country on the Edge of WTF

    Stardate: 4032.2 [Bridge] (The Enterprise has collided with an unknown entity. The deck is shaking, making everyone wobble) KIRK: Mister Sulu, report. SULU: The turbulence is being caused by a ripple in time, Captain. (Sulu’s console explodes and he’s knocked out. McCoy enters with a syringe and bends down to treat the injured […]