Trop: The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway – Buzzfeed Edition

13 Ways You Know Gangrene Is About To Kill You

1. Instead of calling you ‘Bwana’, Molo has started referring to you as, “Hyena kibbles”

Graphic: Loop gif of That’s So Raven ‘Oh Snap!’ moment

#love her!


2. You start to worry that your wife will bore you to death before the gangrene gets you

Graphic: Still of Al Bundy looking at Peggy disdainfully with subtitle: ‘A woman is only sexy until she becomes your wife’.


3. “Shoot me now” isn’t just a whimsical expression.

Graphic: Loop gif of Elmer Fudd shooting Daffy Duck in the head and Daffy’s head exploding.

#NRA rules


4. Your regret-laden hallucinations are a series of “glamorous place-brags”, tragic tales of betrayed half-wits and whoring recollections.

Graphic: Still of Kanye whispering into Kim’s ear while watching a Lakers game at the Staples center.

#kimye #couple swag

5. The heat shimmer of the plain to the edge of the bush is making everything look delicious.

Graphic: Googly-eyed cartoon oyster with ‘Eat me!’ caption

#eating makes me lose that empty feeling

6. Even verbally abusing your wife has started to bore you.

Graphic: Vintage ad of 1950s husband spanking his wife for serving bad coffee

#when men were men

7. The vultures aren’t literary critics. They’re actually vultures!

Graphic: Loop gif of Leonardo DiCaprio politely applauding when losing the Oscar to Matthew Mcconaughey

#not just a rom-com himbo Continue Reading in Trop

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