Purple Clover: Helpful Guidelines for Millennials Entering the Workforce

purpleclover_logo–I appreciate that you refer to texting, typing and speaking on the phone at the same time as “multitasking” but, in the future, please refer to it by its rightful name: ADD.

–It’s super terrific that you’re taking that “Edible Weed Scavenging” course and I just LOVE that there’s an end-of-semester field trip thing happening. Now about your request. In my day, I sawed scrap iron at the trash heap that abutted the exercise yard of a medium security prison as a way to pass the time so that my mother could enjoy her soap operas without being interrupted. See what I’m getting at here? I accommodated her schedule. So no—we cannot reschedule our budget evaluation meeting so that you can go on your weedy field trip.

–You know that opinion you have about our upcoming call center initiative? The one you feel very strongly about? Write it down on a piece of paper, fold it neatly into fours and put it in your desk. Now go make me a coffee.

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