McSweeney’s: HELLO! Magazine’s Great Women of History


This nanny-turned-writer wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and was every inch the proud mum when she welcomed daughter Fanny into her life. With an adorable little baby in tow, Mary was truly happy and reportedly pleased with her new mummy curves. Did we mention she wrote another book whilst nursing her gorgeous baby? Talk about having it all! After splitting with Fanny’s father, Mary struggled as a single mum but dreamt of finding love again. Just when she least expected it, William Godwin came into her life and after a few bumps made Mary the most radiant of brides. The two lovebirds were over-the-moon to welcome a second perfect baby and reveal her adorable name — Mary! Once little Mary joined big sister Fanny, Mary W’s life was hectic as ever but she was reportedly elated and feeling very grateful and incredibly blessed. She died eleven days later from childbirth complications.


Sorry Henry Percy! Anne’s heart was stolen away by none other than Tudor heartthrob Henry VIII. The lovebirds were so smitten that they secretly eloped — clearly they just couldn’t wait to start domestic blissin’ together. But even marrying the King of England wasn’t enough for this Marvellous Marquess, because all Anne really ever wanted was an adorable little baby. “If I don’t have a baby,” Anne is rumoured to have said, “then I believe I have made a mistake.” Happily, Anne needn’t have worried. Baby Elizabeth came soon afterwards and as busy as Anne was, little Lizzie became the centre of Anne’s hectic life. In fact she felt so blessed and enjoyed being a mum so much that she immediately wished to give little Lizzie a baby brother. Isn’t that the sweetest? Hank and Annie tried valiantly to have another baby. “I know there will be a light at the end of this dark tunnel,” Anne is said to have confided to her sister Mary about her fertility struggles. Sadly, Anne was only able to have one baby. We feel you, Anne!

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