What is Covfefe?

Covfefe is the gradual transmogrification of Donald Trump into Richard Nixon, a process fuelled by a diet of paranoia and KFC and self-delusion

Covfefe is that feeling when you realize that the horror you experienced on November 9th and subsequently overcame was actually the exact right reaction and is still very much called for

Covfefe is what Melania calls her headaches now

Covfefe is the reasoning behind the GOP support for the president

Covfefe is the sound it makes when Lorne Michaels and Alec Baldwin slap their foreheads because Season 42 has ended just as things at the White House are really getting fucked up

Covfefe is the vibration of a panicked aide who has just realized that the President has found his phone again

Covfefe is what happens when you freeze Champagne as a way to commemorate Memorial Day

Covfefe is code for an astonishingly inept cover-up operation

Covfefe is Vladimir Putin’s favorite flavor of blood

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